car insurance uk quotes
car insurance uk quotes
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This section contains further information about different types of insurance that you can get quotes for or buy from the brokers on cheap-insurance-uk.  We will build up a reference resource for our users as the weeks progress.  We'll start with some information on uk car insurance.

Types of uk car insurance

1.Third Party Insurance

This is the most basic insurance type, and is the minimum coverage that allows you to drive legally. Any damage you do to a 'third party', ie someone or something that is NOT YOU or YOUR CAR is covered, but for a small amount extra you can get Third Party Fire and Theft.  All other policies retain this Third Party (TP) component as their basis.

2.Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance:

Third Party Fire and Theft (TPFT) is the basic insurance package favoured by younger learner drivers on their first or second provisional licence, and people who prefer not to pay for fully comprehensive insurance. You are insured for 'Fire' and 'Theft', ie if your car 'catches' fire or is stolen. Third Party means that your passengers are covered, and any people, property or cars that you might hit are also covered. But, neither your car, or you are covered.

3.Fully Comprehensive Insurance:

This is the best type of insurance, adding you and your car to the TPFT package. As you might expect, Fully Comprehensive Insurance (FCI), or "fully comp" is also more expensive. Having a full driving licence (and having it for more than two years) helps keep premiums down, as does being over thirty years of age. If you can drive without the need to make insurance claims for more than a year, you can build up a No Claims Bonus which will also reduce the cost of your insurance quite significantly.

Our Advice

At cheap-insurance-uk, we have found that people will normally pay a little extra for this type of cover.  Fully comp will give you the ultimate in cover and is a good type of policy, particularly for young vehicles.

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